Live Web Casting Service

StreamCanada can help your company create a web cast solution that is tailored just for your needs and requirements.  We can assist with simple radio station broadcasts, live AGM’s, to live sporting event solutions.

Our web casting solutions can consist of live chats with your audience, live polls, live survey’s, data or information gathering and many other custom interactive features. We even provide you to access to our large collection of hardware and software partners that can assist with your own onsite encoding needs, whether its audio or video streaming. All live broadcasts are managed events, with access to the engineer, and monitoring tools, as well as unmanaged events, where you take control of your own live webcasts, and simply use our streaming media network to distribute and delivery your live stream.  Will also provide you with detailed  media traffic reports to show you just who, what, where, and when was viewing your webcast.

If your company is interested in web cast or scheduling an event, please contact us today at or 1.905.948.0762.

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