eCast Manager

eCast Manager is a complete turn key solution for managing webcasts created with Microsoft Producer and written on the .NET platform as an eService for Microsoft Producer.  Microsoft Producer when publishing feeds information about your new webcast into the eCast Manager database via an e-service.  The eCast Manager then allows you to manage and distribute your webcasts to your audience.  eCast Manager can insert webcast queries directly into any web site or intranet site for automatic webcasting updates.  This solution allows any non-technical user to create, publish, manage and deliver webcasts in minutes with out any special training.


  • Turn key webcast content management system
  • eService for Microsoft Producer
  • Easy to use publishing interface directly in Microsoft Producer
  • Easy to use management interface for your webcasts
  • Scalable .Net solution for small to large sized corporations
  • Deployable on the Internet, VPN, Intranet, or Extranet networks
  • Publish webcasts into user defined categories
  • The ability to set expiry dates on your webcasts
  • Assign and control publishing security
  • Easy and seamless integration into your existing web site or intranet site
  • Create web page queries from eCast manager into your existing web site
  • Customizable solution for unique requirements

Usages for eCast Manager

  • eLearning Solutions for educational institutes or corporations
  • Customer Support webcasts
  • Employee manuals
  • Employee training
  • Marketing Presentations
  • Sales and product promotions

Scalability with eCast Manager

StreamCanada’s eCast Manager was written with flexibility and scalability in mind to handle the increasing demand for streaming media content.  eCast Manager is written in XML, ASP, JAVA, and hosted on Microsoft SQL 2000 database, thus allowing easy integration in which the eCast Manager can communicate with existing eLearning Solutions, corporate training applications, pay per view systems and many other applications.

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