Digital Encoding Services

Encoding has developed an advanced collection of digital media processing tools specially designed for digital encoding and preparing your audio or video content for the best possible broadcasting quality and performance.  We enable our clients to leverage their audio and video assets online, while preserving the integrity of the content.

Proprietary Encoding System

Our proprietary process allows us to deliver encoded content that is optimized for any format and bit rate, including broadband delivery. We optimize the encoding process based on customer content, ensuring that the final video output has cleaner images, smoother motion and less compression artefacts than video encoded with traditional encoding systems.

Our proprietary system:

  • Improves the quality of encoded content
  • Automates the encoding process to quickly and simultaneously render digital content in multiple formats and multiple bit rates
  • Provides high-volume processing for faster deployment of large volumes of media
  • Enables a measurably better end-user experience
  • Support multiple formats – VHS, SVHS, MiniDV, BetaSP, and others for processing clients existing source content to the web.
  • Low and High bandwidth processing solutions for: Windows Media, Real, & Quicktime formats.
  • Full Linear and Non-Linear editing capabilities.


  • Final files can be delivered via  FTP for internet broadcasting or to CDROM for manual distribution

  • Windows Media, Real, & QuickTime formats

  • No proprietary software or hardware needed to view videos

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