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Hard Drive Failures: What Causes It?

One issue that is very common to all computers is hard drive failure. When this happens, irreplaceable files and data will be lost and unrecoverable without spending a substantial amount of cash for data recovery software and programs. Expert RAID recovery services can help, but you need an overall planRead More

Dedicated Streaming Media Servers

Dedicated streaming servers are quickly becoming the choice amongst corporations, collages, universities, government, and the media.  Small Business Server (pre-configured) Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server Operating System (1U), Pent IV, 18gb hard drive (single unit) Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Operating System Terminal services activated for administration remote access Streaming mediaRead More

Digital Encoding Services

Encoding has developed an advanced collection of digital media processing tools specially designed for digital encoding and preparing your audio or video content for the best possible broadcasting quality and performance.  We enable our clients to leverage their audio and video assets online, while preserving the integrity of theRead More

Live Web Casting Service

StreamCanada can help your company create a web cast solution that is tailored just for your needs and requirements.  We can assist with simple radio station broadcasts, live AGM’s, to live sporting event solutions. Our web casting solutions can consist of live chats with your audience, live polls, live survey’s,Read More

Media Hosting

StreamCanada’s on demand media hosting packages are geared towards small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses.  Take a look at our wide range of our streaming media on demand hosting packages.  If you are not sure how much storage or bandwidth you will require, we have created an online bandwidth calculator toRead More

eCast Manager

eCast Manager is a complete turn key solution for managing webcasts created with Microsoft Producer and written on the .NET platform as an eService for Microsoft Producer.  Microsoft Producer when publishing feeds information about your new webcast into the eCast Manager database via an e-service.  The eCast Manager then allowsRead More